Technical Specification

Metals Breakdown

Confused about the advantages of different metal types? View our quick summary below.

Cast Grey IronLow Cost
Cast Ductile IronMedium Strength, Low Cost
Cast White IronWear Resistance
Cast SteelStrength
Cast Stainless SteelCorrosion Resistance
Cast AluminumLight Weight

For a complete breakdown of our Metal Grades, Chemical Composition, Hardness and Strength, please view this link.

3D Printing

 3D printing may be a low-cost option if looking for small quantities of parts such as 1-10 pieces.  It works like this:


A solid model file is used to 3D Print the actual part in plastic or wax and the dimensions are scaled up slightly to account for metal shrinkage.


The 3D plastic part is used as a pattern to make the metal casting.  The 3D printed pattern can be used in both processes (sand and investment casting), the same way regular patterns are used.


By using 3D printing the customer will avoid the cost of making a permanent mold or pattern that can typically cost between $4000 – $5000, so it may be more economical for small quantities.

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