Matrix Metals can create any number of quality products created to your exacting specifications. Here is a sample of products we’ve created

Idler Pulley

Steel Grade: 1040

Weight: 4 lbs


Stainless Steel Grade CH20, 309

Weight: 2 lbs

Motor Cooling Fan Blower

Aluminum Grade A356

Weight: 12 lbs


Stainless Steel Grade CF8M, 316

Weight: 1 lb


Grey Iron Grade G30

Weight: 3 lbs

Tests and Inspections

Matrix Metal Casting ensures quality inspections and testing throughout the casting process. Our practices include:

Inspection and Testing:

Carbon Equivalent Analysis
Spectrometer Chemical Analysis
Brinell Hardness Testing
Microscopic Grain Structure analysis
Sand Loss on Ignition Testing

Independent Lab Testing:

Tensile Strength Testing
Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Charpy Impact Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
X-Ray Testing

Certification documents are supplied as requested by customer.

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